Fascination (1979)

Directors: Jean Rollin
Genre: Horror/Euro sleaze


"This is Rollin at his best: visual delights, sensual lesbian lovemaking, the beautiful Lahaie as a scythe-wielding avenger, and a group of castle-dwelling bourgeois woman blood-drinkers. Two women chosen by the group must find a man that they must slaughter and communally consume in a cannibalistic vampire feast." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
This is one of Jean Rollin's best movies in my opinion. As always, the pace is pretty slow. The great dreamlike scenery and imagery gives this film a great atmosphere in a typical Rollin way. Another ingredient that Rollin seems to be very fond of is (beautiful) lesbian vampires, and they're of course nude much of the time.. The acting is varying, but ok overall. It's a poetic, erotic horror the way only Rollin can do them.
Highly recommended for Rollin Fans! If you're looking for "high speed" action, look elsewhere!

My rating:

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