Faceless (1988)

Directors: Jess Franco
Genre: Horror


"Come Face To Face With Evil

Beautiful women are violently abducted and kept hostage in a covert clinic where Dr. Flamand (Helmut Berger) is conducting a series of grisly skin graft experiments that leave unwilling human guinea pigs mutilated and dead! When a powerful industrialist's (Telly Savalas) fashion model daughter (Caroline Munro) goes missing, Detective Sam Morgan (Chris Mitchum) uncovers clues that lead him to Dr. Flamand's secret hous of surgical horrors! What sick, sadistic obstacles of horror will Morgan face and who will survive the Doctor's slashing scalpel and his homicidal hulk henchman?" - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
I'm always excited when I get my hands on a Franco movie I haven't seen, and Faceless turned out to be Jess Franco at his very best! It has got it all: Gore, sleaze, comedy, fistfights, a mad German surgeon, some brilliant characters and sexy girls. Even the story is interesting, the acting is (mostly) good and to top it off, it even looks pretty good, with nice sets and photography. The gory scenes were really great too. You get a needle in the eye scene, death by drill and best of all; the scenes on the operating table were just brilliant. The private investigators fistfight with Dodo was very memorable as well. If it hadn't been for the sleazy scenes, I'd have never guessed this was a Franco film.
I really can't think of anything not to like about this one. When I'd finished watching it, I had a big smile on my face! If you're a Franco fan, I'm sure you'll love this one, and I even think you'll like if you're not a fan of his other work.
Highly recommended!

My rating:

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