Eugenie (1970)
aka. Eugenie: The Story Of Her Journey Into Perversion

Directors: Jess Franco
Starring: Christopher Lee

Genre: Exploitation/Horror


"Marie Liljedahl (the luscious star of Inga) is Eugenie, an innocent young woman taken to an island paradise where she is initiated into a world of pleasure and pain controlled by the sinister Dolmance (Christopher Lee). But when she surrenders to her own forbidden fantasies, Eugenie becomes trapped in a frenzy of drugs, sadomasochism and murder. Can a frightened girl in the grip of carnal perversion find sanctuary in the orgies of the depraved?

Jack Taylor (Succubus) and Maria Rohm (Marquis De Sade's Justine) co-star in this legendary erotic classic from Jess Franco, the infamous director of Vampyros Lesbos and Venus In Furs. Based on the notorious novel Philosophy In The Boudoir by the Marquis de Sade, this rarely seen shocker is presented completely uncut, and remains one of the most controversial explorations of extreme sexuality in European cinema history" - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
Fun to see an actor like Christopher Lee in an erotic sleaze movie like this. Also amusing to hear him say in an interview that he wasn't aware there was so much sleaze in it, as they added the nudity after Lee was done shooting. Since it's based on a novel by Marquis de Sade and Franco was the director, one would think this was going to be very sleazy and perverse and it is, but it's actually not among his worst. Sadomania amongst others is way sleazier, probably because Franco wanted to attract a bigger audience with this one. Of course, there's quite a bit of nudity in this one too. Especially Swedish "Marie Liljedahl" is very nice to look at. Technically, this is one of his best movies, and if I'm not mistaking, Eugenie had the biggest budget of all his movies (except for Justine!?). I believe many will find it boring, but if you like Jess Franco's movies, you'll probably enjoy this one too, I certainly did.

My rating:

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