Earthquake (1974)

Directors: Mark Robson
Starring: Charlton Heston and Ava Gardner

Genre: Action/Drama

"The lives of several Angelenos are shaken up when the Big One hits Los Angeles. Heading the gigantic, star-studded cast is Charlton Heston as an adulterous engineer and Ava Gardner as his jealous wife. Other characters include an Evel Knievel-like daredevil, a psychotic grocery store manager, and a hot-tempered cop -- all of whom respond to the disaster in a variety of ways, ranging from heroic to deranged. "- from ifilm

My oppinion:
This is a classic catastrophe movie, starring Charlton Heston in the lead role. To be honest, I've never liked Heston, neither as an actor or a person. It takes about an hour until any real catastrophe occurs, but when it does, it's pretty grand. Before then, it's mainly about character development and build up. The effects look really good (most of the time) considering it's made in the mid 60's and I think a lot of time's been spent on these earthquake scenes. I did have to rewind it at one point though at a scene in an elevator. I'll just say it is the worst "blood splattering on camera" scene I've ever seen. What the hell were they thinking when putting that in?!? Oh well, it gave me a laugh at least.. The acting is also decent enough. The plot and/or subplots did leave me a bit disappointed, as well did the ending. One other thing I have to mention is that like almost all catastrophe movies to come out the last 10 years, Earthquake also had that bloody dog that just have to live through it, though they didn't spend as much time on it as have been done in recent movies. Just once, I'd like to see these bloody dogs get fried, crushed or killed in some other way in one of these movies..
I must admit, movies of the genre that has spewed out atrocities like:
Dante's Peak, Volcano, Twister, Armageddon and the latest piece of shit; The Day After Tomorrow are not among my favourite type of movies, but I found this to be one of the more decent efforts.

My rating:

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