Dust Devil (1992)

Director: Richard Stanley
Genre: Horror


"A demonic killer roams the desert preying on human at the end of their rope. This killer changes forms and can recognize the loneliness and desperation that he can feed off of. When Wendy breaks up with her husband, she picks up the hitch hiker on the road and suspects that all is not well. Fortunately a police officer and a shaman are tracking the killer's trails, but will they reach Wendy in time? If they expect to live they'll need every scrap of resourcefulness they've got, and a powerful will to survive." - from xploitedcinema.com

My oppinion:
Dust Devil is sort of a mix of mystery and horror. The great spaghetti western-like musical score and the scenery give "Dust Devil" an incredible atmosphere. It's simply a visually splendid movie! The acting is good and you even get some nice gory scenes, though you shouldn't watch this movie for the gore.. After seeing this, I'm really surprised it hasn't been released on DVD earlier. It deserves a lot more attention then that! I actually liked this one more then his most known movie: "Hardware"
Highly Recommended!

My rating:

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