Django (1966)

Directors: Sergio Corbucci
Starring: Franco Nero

Genre: Spaghetti Western


"Franco Nero stars as the lone stranger who roams the West dragging a coffin filled with chaos towards a destiny ruled by vengeance. Co-writer/director Sergio Corbucci (THE GREAT SILENCE, COMPAÑEROS) packs his landmark classic with indelible images, unforgettable performances and some of the most shocking brutality of any 'Spaghetti Western' ever made. This is the still-controversial epic that defined a genre, launched a phenomenon and inspired over 50 unofficial sequels. This is the one and only DJANGO!

This definitive edition of DJANGO has been re-mastered from the original camera negative, recently discovered in a Rome vault untouched for over three decades. Also included for the first time is the optional Italian audio track featuring Franco Nero's own voice. Following two years of extensive restoration, Blue Underground is now proud to present the most stunning and complete version of DJANGO you will ever see." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
Now this is Spaghetti western the way it should be! The beginning is just classic: Franco Nero walking through the desert dragging a coffin behind him. Nero is a perfect Spaghetti Western "hero", and this being his first in the genre, I can really understand why he's been a part of so many other spaghetties. It was considered very brutal and graphic when it was released, thus it got banned in several countries. Sure, there are loads of more violent movies out there today, but there are a couple of gory scenes that were especially fun to watch. There's lots of nice action and the score is pretty good as well. There's no doubt the director had been watching Sergio Leone's westerns when doing this one, but who cares.. It works! Alongside Leone's classics, this is one of my favourite Spaghetti westerns. If you're a fan of the genre, and haven't seen this one yet, you should!

My rating:

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