Diabolical Dr. Z (1966)
aka. Miss Muerte

Directors: Jess Franco
Starring: Howard Vernon

Genre: Horror

"....And His Fiendish Creation - Miss Death!

Dr. 'Z' creates a mind control machine. Rejected by the medical establishment as mad, he suffers a fatal heart attack. His daughter decides to take revenge on the men who did down her dad.

Using his devious device, she brainwashes a sexy go-go dancer and turns her into a deadly killing machine. First she seduces her victims... then she dispatches them with her poison-tipped fingernails." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
This was another great Franco experience for me! Both the title and the cover is a little bit misleading, as the good doctor isn't really involved much. Though I must admit this was a bit of a disappointment at first, I quickly got over it, as all the other characters were quite enjoyable. The acting was also very much above par for a Franco movie. Visually and technically, it's also top notch, and there's no trace of his unnecessary zooming that has become sort of a Franco trademark. The atmosphere is great throughout the movie, and I'm glad this is in B/W, as I feel that helps create the right mood. The plot is a fairly simple revenge story, but is done in a very entertaining way. One scene especially got my attention, as it's a sort of scene I've seen in numerous Franco movies, the sensual woman doing her weird show in a little intimate theatre, of course with the strange music included. This scene is of the best of its kind! It's obviously a low budget movie, but he really managed to do the best of what he got here. "Dr. Z" is linked to one of his earlier movies "The Awful Dr. Orlof", as the doctor does a reference to Orlof early on, but it's not a sequel in any way. I loved "Awful Dr. Orlof", but this one is even better! Highly recommended for fans of classic B/W horror, and especially for fans of Jess Franco!

My rating:

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