Dead End (2003)

Directors: Jean-Baptiste Andrea, Fabrice Canepa
Genre: Horror

"For the past 20 years, Frank Harrington has grudgingly driven his family to celebrate Christmas with his mother-in-law. This year, he takes a shortcut. It's the biggest mistake of his life: The nightmare begins. A mysterious woman in white wanders through the forest, leaving death in her wake. A terrifying black car - its driver invisible - carries the victims into the heart of the night. Every road sign points to a destination they never reach. The survivors succumb to panic, to madness; deeply buried secrets burst to the surface, and Christmas turns into a living hell." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
I just finished watching this with my headset on and the sound at max, and I'm still a bit shaky. The atmosphere in this one is truly great. It's low budget, but that doesn't matter at all. The acting is real good and some of the dialogue was quite funny. I had a smile on my face during most of the movie, not because it was funny all the time, but because it creeped me out, and that is a rare experience for me in movies nowadays. Only complaint I've got was that the ending was pretty lame and disappointing and that's a shame, considering the calibre of the rest of the movie. If the ending hadn't been so bad, I would have given Dead End the top rating.. I'm really looking forward to seeing more from the directors of Dead End. Finally some good new horror, see this one!!

My rating:

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