Day of the Dead (1985)

Director(s): George A. Romero
Genre: Horror


""Jaw dropping!" -The Village Voice

In this third and final shocker in the legendary trilogy from writer/director George A. Romero (Dawn of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead), a small group of scientists and soldiers have taken refuge in an underground missile silo where they struggle to control the flesh-eating horror that walks the earth above. But will the final battle for the future of the human race be fought among the living or have they forever unleashed the hunger of the dead? Lori Cardille, Joe Pilato, Richard Liberty and Howard Sherman star in this controversial classic with groundbreaking gore effects by Tom Savini and featuring the most intense zombie carnage ever filmed." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
This is the third movie in Romero's "Dead" trilogy, and it doesn't disappoint! I can't say it's as good as DOTD, but in my eyes, that's very close to impossible. In this third chapter, there aren't many humans left, and the ones we get to know seem very close to the brink of madness. And the relationship between the survivors is also what the movie is focussing on in the first part. "Day" has got a lot going for it. The location (an underground mine) is nice and creepy. There are some really cool characters, like "Frankenstein", the chief scientist and particularly his favourite subject: Bub, the zombie! The actor that played Bub, really did a great job with his body language and the emotions he managed to get across, and despite the fact that he didn't have one line, he did the best performance of them all in my opinion! When on the subject of the zombies, the makeup job is really well done. The same must be said for the gore effects, which are just fantastic! Groundbreaking work by Tom Savini there! He really got a chance to "go crazy" with Day of the Dead, as this is definantly the goriest of the three. The only regret is that the movie could have been even better if Romero had the funds to make the movie the way he intended it to be. He had to rewrite the script to match what they could do with the available funds. And even though Romero said this was his favourite of the three movies, he's' also said he intended it to be much "bigger".
All things considered, I'll always regard this as a true zombie classic, and a worthy follow-up to his masterpiece "Dawn of the Dead". If you haven't seen this already, you just have to get it. I'm sure you won't regret it!
I own the "Anchor Bay 2 disc edition", and it's a great one. The widescreen transfer looks perfect, and the audio is great! The 2nd disc is filled with extras (Interview with cast and crew, behind the scenes documentary + more) Definantly should be in any fan's DVD collection!

My rating:

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