Damonenbrut (2000)

Director: Andreas Bethmann
Genre: Exploitation


"Andreas Bethmann strikes again in this sex and splatter fest! If you enjoyed ANGEL OF DEATH then this DVD is a must have! Labeled as Germany's answer to Joe D'Amato Andreas Bethmann effectively mixes plenty of blood, flesh and sex in this amazing film that stands out as one of the best German underground films.

After a bank robbery a couple of gangsters hide out on an island to escape the heat. Unfortunately they picked the wrong island as there are demonic forces at work! The effects are low-budget, as in most of the underground German films, but are very effective and there are many memorable scenes including an insane montage of demons tentacle-raping their victims. Plus Katja Biernet (Gorgeous actress in a handful of Jess Franco and German sexploitation films) has a starring role and still looks pretty damn good. In German language only, but the movie is very easy to follow and relies more on the visuals anyway." - from xploitedcinema.com

My oppinion:
I just have to agree with everything that's said above! It really doesn't get much sleazier then this (some of the nudity is hardcore)! I'd like to add that it has a really cool heavy musical score. Not for one minute did I feel bored during this movie. I highly recommend this little German treasure for fans of exploitation cinema!

My rating:

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