Conspirators of Pleasure (1996)
aka Spiklenci Slasti

Directors: Jan Svankmajer
Genre: Comedy/Cult/Animation

"Revered Czech animator Svankmajer's 1993 film is a virtually dialogue free exploration of the strange intimate workings of the lives of six common people. Through a disturbing mix of live action and the wondrous stop-motion animation that the director is famous for, the humdrum lives of a postwoman, shopkeeper, television presenter, detective, and two apartment dwellers are examined and intertwined while we see the elaborate processes these people go through to satisfy strange fetishes which involve food, animals, and everything in between in a way which is not all sexual to the observer. Awarded the Persistence of Vision Award at the 1997 San Francisco Film Festival." - from VideoUniverse

My oppinion:
"Conspirators of Pleasure" was a weird experience to say the least. The fetishes the 6 main characters explore are very hard to grasp, but they're very amusing (and surprising) indeed. The acting is good, and the animation is very well done. It's not an animated movie though, as most of the scenes are with "real" people. I found it to be very interesting and also entertaining. The high level of "weirdness" this movie's got is reason enough to check it out!

My rating:

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