Compañeros (1970)

Directors: Sergio Corbucci
Starring: Franco Nero, Tomas Milian and Jack Palance

Genre: Spaghetti Western/Comedy


"Fate brought them together… Greed made them inseperable… Violence made them Compañeros!

Yodlof Petersen (Franco Nero) is a suave Swedish arms dealer with a love for fast money. Bosco (Thomas Milian of Traffic) is a trigger-happy Mexican bandit with a hate for suave Swedish arms dealers. But when the two team up to kidnap a professor who holds the key to a fortune in gold, they find themselves hunted by the American army, stalked by a marijuana-crazed sadist (Academy Award® Winner Jack Palance) and trapped in the middle of a revolution about to explode. Can these two enemies blast their way across Mexico together without killing each other first?

Written and Directed by the legendary Sergio Corbucci (Django), Compañeros is a once in a lifetime teaming of the two greatest European stars in 'Spaghetti Western' history. Fernando Ray co-stars in this action-packed comedy classic that also features a remarkable score by Ennio Morricone" - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
I was really looking forward to seeing this one as soon as I noticed Franco Nero, Thomas Milian and Jack Palance was in it. There's just something about Palance that I love, and his performance in Compaņeros is no exception. His "bad guy" character is just great and he's as "spooky" as ever. The two compaņeros Nero and Milian did a great job as well. They worked really well together. The Score is also great, and the Sombreros, Compaņeros song really sticked to my brain. There are also a couple of truly memorable scenes, like the scene where Nero is about to be hanged and the "rat torture" sequence really stand out. Well, what more can I say, I never felt bored, the humour worked well and the acting was good! This is Spaghetti western the way it should be. Highly recommended!

My rating:

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