Communion (1989)

Directors: Philippe Mora
Christopher Walken


"A novelist takes his family on a vacation in the mountains, but when they arrive, they see a strange series of lights in the sky and hear some disturbing noises. They quickly decide to return to the city, but at Christmas they venture to the country home again. The novelist has been suffering from depression and writer's block, and when he returns to the cabin, he thinks that eerie things are happening to his body. His family believe he is having hallucinations, and convince him to see a psychiatrist. With the help of hypnosis, the psychiatrist uncovers the haunting experience the writer underwent with aliens from another planet. " - from BestPrices

My oppinion:
Wow, this was one weird experience. I though this was going to be just another alien abduction movie, but I was very wrong. I must admit though, there were some things in this movie that went way over my head.
Christopher Walken does a great job in this one. Imo, this movie would be bad if it wasn't for Walken's "on screen" personality! Communion is a movie that seems made for him. That being said, not everyone in this movie is as good actors as Walken.. The score and the scenery help give this movie a great and chilling atmosphere. But it's also funny in a way. The special effects were not very impressive, but that didn't matter at all.
All in all, I loved this movie from beginning to end, but it's definantly not for everyone.. If you're a fan of strange/weird movies, or if you are a fan of
Christopher Walken, you have to see this one!

My rating:

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