Bread and Circus (2003)
aka. Slakta Dem Alla!

Directors: Martin Loke
Genre: Horror/Comedy/Fantasy/Independent

"Mother earth gives birth to a child. The child is taken into the System. The child becomes a man and is struck by an awful truth: His life is an illusion. The man meets an elder who tells him a story. Afterwards, the man returns to the System. He becomes old and the System no longer has any use for him. He is taken out to be executed. The man has flashbacks about his life, and resists. He escapes and manages to hammer out a message on a stone for future generations. Suddenly, the man is taken by a force and exists no more… Three years later, a young couple finds the message. Without any warning, the young couple turn against their own people; all hell breaks loose....

"Inspired from Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste... an extremely funny and equally violent satire" - Vujer

"Get ready for a mindfuck with some crazy ass scenes " the fx are splendid, the guns are cool" a mix between gore movie and black comedy" – Midsplatternight "
- from Xploitedcinema

My oppinion:
This really excited me, mainly because it's one of very few movies like this that's been made in my country. We're not exactly known for our horror movies, or movies in general for that matter.. Anyways, Bread & Circus really is a weird one! It starts off with a bang when mother earth is giving birth to a man, and that's exactly what we get so see, a bloody, grown man coming out of a giant vagina on the ground. There are quite a few nice gory scenes, and I'm sure the Director is a fan of Bad Taste, as it has a very similar look to it. I found the story pretty hard to follow at times, but it really didn't bother me all that much, as that's not what this movie is all about. There are lots of funny, memorable and sometimes disgusting scenes that made me laugh. Especially look out for the scene where a guy shoves a bottle up his ass! Fantastic stuff. As this is a very low budget independent flick, the acting is not the best. Quite terrible at times actually. It might seem worse for me, as they speak my language though. It seem so very, very fake! As with the story, it really doesn't matter though. All in all, this is a highly entertaining movie!

My rating:

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