Brain Damage (1988)

Director: Frank Henenlotter
Genre: Horror/Comedy


" It's a Headache From Hell!

The cult film favorite that will have you screaming with laughter as you reach for the barf bag! A worm-like parasite named Aylmer latches onto Brian's (Rick Herbst) neck and offers to inject his brain with a hallucinogenic fluid, giving him pleasurable psychedelic experiences. One catch: to keep the high, Brian must keep feeding Aylmer his favorite food--human brains! - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
This is another one of Frank Henenlotter's horror/Comedies. This is better then "Frankenhooker" in my opinion. The acting is pretty good and the gore effects are cool. Especially look for the "blow job" scene, very nice.. Loved the parasite monster and its voice btw! With "Brain Damage" (as with most horror), make sure you get/see the uncut version, as the two coolest scenes is gone in the cut version. I've got the "Limited special edition" of this one. Nice picture and sound quality, but there isn't many extras on it. If you like Henenlotter's other work, or like Horror/Comedies in general, Brain Damage should be right up your alley!

My rating:

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