Blood Freak (1971)

Director: Brad F. Grinter, Steve Hawkes
Genre: Horror

"Only the Blood of Drug Addicts Can Satisfy Its Thirst!

The world's Only Turkey-Monster- Anti-Drug-Pro-Jesus-Gore Film!

For those who think they've seen everything comes Blood Freak, a rampaging turkey monster on a marijuana high!

Finding himself sandwiched between Bible-thumping good-girl Angel and her bad-girl sister Ann, a muscle bound biker named Herschell (Steve Hawkes, star of two obscure Tarzan films) falls under Ann's seductive spell when she offers him some weed. Quickly becoming a writhing, spastic addict - "I have a feeling I'm hooked!" - the big galoot then gets a job at a turkey farm where he's fed meat treated with an experimental drug and, like any junkie who eats tainted turkey meat, turns into a man with a giant turkey head. Yes, A Man With A Giant Turkey Head. Who also gobbles like a big dumb bird.

Still hungry for a fix, Herschell-the-Turkey-Man proceeds to attack fellow drug addicts whose blood he drinks with his pointy little turkey beak. In one magical moment, he even buzz-saws the leg off a pusher who holds his stump and howls for what seems like days. All of which is punctuated by philosophical pondering by co-director Brad Grinter (Flesh Feast) before two potheads with a machete decide to go on their version of a turkey shoot…

Wow. A monster movie quite unlike any other, Blood Freak is a jaw-dropping almost legendary milestone in crackpot filmmaking, and the ultimate cinematic turkey. Gobble-gobble!

Warning: This program contains nudity, sexual situations, violence and gobbling." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
As you might have guessed if you read the synopsis above, this is a weird flick... The acting is truly bad. Especially look out for a dialogue between a couple of scientists.. The turkey monster is just a guy with a really big and badly made turkey head. Don't get me wrong; this is my all time favourite "so bad it's good" movie. Scary? Not at all! Funny? Hell yeah!! Another thing to look out for is the chain-smoking narrator that turns up on the screen from time to time (he's also the director if I'm not mistaking). He's got to be one of the worst actors ever, and he has to be on something, as he can't seem to remember one single line and thus keeps looking at the script on the table all the time. Another incredible thing is that it actually seems like the movie was meant to be serious, which makes it even more fun! This is a "must see" movie for anyone that's into "bad" movies, everyone else should see it anyways, just because it's a really weird experience!

My rating:

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