Blindman (1971)

Directors: Ferdinando Baldi
Starring: Tony Anthony and Ringo Starr

Genre: Spaghetti Western


Synopsis (**SPOILERS**):
"A blind, but deadly gunman (Tony Anthony), is hired to escort fifty mail-order brides to their miner husbands. His business partners double cross him by selling the women to bandit Domingo. Blindman heads into Mexico in pursuit… Also stars Ringo Starr & Lloyd Battista."- from Xploitedcinema

My oppinion:
When reading a synopsis for this movie I just had to get it. A blind spaghetti hero looking for his 50 women.. That has to be great, right? And it was, surprisingly so actually! This instantly became one of my favourite spaghettis. It's not your ordinary spaghetti western, even though it's got most of the expected ingredients. In addition though it's got many elements linking it to the exploitation/WIP genre which is quite fun for a change. You'll also get some comedic touches, which fits in nicely. It still is effective spaghetti though. These points don't overtake the movie though as it still manages to be an effective spaghetti movie, including a nice score, beautiful scenery and locations, nice atmosphere, some really great characters (like the general), but with some nudity as an added bonus.. Also worth mentioning is that Ringo Starr (from The Beatles) stars as one of the villains and does a good job too!
Highly recommended for spaghetti western fans! (It might offend people not familiar with the exploitation genre though..)

My rating:

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