Binge & Purge (2002)

Directors: Brian Clement
Genre: Independent Horror


"It's Christmastime in the near future, and terrorism has turned the U.S. in to a police state. After a rash of murders begins to plague the nation's capital, two young cops are assigned to investigate the murder of a young fashion model. Those cops disappear, too, and the police chief then puts two private detectives on the case. These unwitting hired hands then discover a web of corruption, deceit, violence, and cannibalism with an origin much closer to home than anyone could've expected." - from BestPrices

My oppinion:
Binge & Purge is indie director Brian Clement's 3'rd movie. I'm always amazed at what he manages to do with the tiny budgets he' got to work with. In Binge & Purge, as with his other movies, the acting is a bit varied, but what can one expect with (almost) no professional actors.. Some of the gore scenes look really good, and it brought out a few laughs as well. Yet, I consider this to be Clements "worst" movie, but it's far from bad! I was entertained, and never felt bored while watching it. It's just that his other 3 movies are all so damn good!!
The SubRosa DVD has got some interesting extras (as they usually do..) including: Director's commentary track, deleted scenes and outtakes, pin-up and stills gallery, photo shoot and premiere featurette and preview trailers.

My rating:

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