Bad Taste (1987)

Directors: Peter Jackson

Genre: Horror/Comedy/Sci-Fi

"When an army of evil aliens invades earth with the intention of selling mankind as intergalactic hamburger meat, the New Zealand government calls in an elite team of psychotic assassins. But are these boys brutal enough to tackle the vilest villains in the universe? Get ready for the ultimate battle of flying guts, splattering brains, exploding sheep and guzzling vomit. This is more than just one of the greatest - and most disgusting - horror comedies ever made.

You have never seen anything like Bad Taste! This legendary low-budget debut from producer/director/c0-writer/star Peter Jackson is packed with all the outrageous action, senseless violence and sick humor that has made it one of the most radical cult classics of all time." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
I find Bad Taste to be one of the funniest movies ever made. The acting is very bad, but if it hadn't been, the movie wouldn't have been the same. Peter Jackson plays one of the lead characters himself, Derek, and he does so brilliantly. Some of the other characters are also great. The gore effects are very effective considering this is Jackson's first "real" movie, and it had virtually no budget. There are so many funny and very entertaining scenes. Especially the totally pointless and "classic" scene where a sheep gets blown up. I laughed until it hurt the first time I saw that scene! The plot is actually pretty funny too, and there are some great quotes in it.
I can't begin to understand how anyone can hate this movie, you just have to think of it for what it is: low/no budget horror fun!
Highly recommended!

My rating:

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