Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959)

Directors: Bernard L. Kowalski
Genre: Horror/Sci-Fi

"A depraved bloodsucking sinister force is terrorizing the backwoods. When flirtatious sexpot Liz Walker (the seductive Yvette Vickers) is thrown into the swamp by her jealous husband (Bruno Ve Sota), she's taken hostage by giant leeches and held captive in their underwater cavern of horror. Other townsfolk are soon abducted by the leeches, joining Liz in the monster's subterranean lair. The locals desperately battle the mammoth leeches in an explosive climax!" - from DVDPacific

My oppinion:
Now, this is a true B-movie! The acting is very bad from just about everyone involved and the monsters were truly laughable. The guys in the leech suits must have had lots of fun seeing the result of this (at least I hope they did..). The portrayal of the southern people was pretty hilarious, but the accent went by me sometimes. I doubt I missed anything important though.. The pace is a little bit too slow at some points to make it interesting, but the fact that it's only about an hour long makes it bearable.
Well, bottom line is, you don't sit down to watch a movie with this kind of title and expect something great, or at least you shouldn't. This is very much a "so bad it's funny" type of movie, and it works well at that! If you're into old (and bad) B-movie horror, you should check this one out. It's also been on MST3K, and I'm sure that is a funny episode!

My rating:

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