Ark of the Sun God (1983)
aka I Sopravvissuti Della Citta Morta

Directors: Antonio Margheriti
Starring: David Warbeck and John Steiner

Genre: Adventure

"David Warbeck and John Steiner team up in this fun Italian action film from Antonio Margheriti. A fortune hunter is setup for a routine heist by an old friend so that they can go after the Ark of the Sun God, a coveted Babylonian artifice. Along the way they encounter plenty of adventure and desert wilderness in this guilty please. Semi-sequel to Margheriti's other RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK takeoff. Warbeck and Steiner…can't go wrong with that duo." - from Xploitedcinema

My oppinion:
I'm a big fan of the Indiana Jones movies, and I've always been of the opinion that there aren't nearly enough movies like that beeing made. So every addition to this genre is very welcome in my book. This is an Italian rip off of Indiana Jones, and it's a pretty good one at that. Sure, it doesn't come close to beeing as good as the original movies, but it's a lot of fun nonetheless. Actually the first half of the movie is more like a James Bond movie while the Indiana Jones-like adventure comes in the second half. It's got its flaws, and fair share of stupid points, but it didn't matter much to me (except I did get a little annoyed by some of the curse-thing in the ending). The creators must have had a lot of fun doing the car chase scenes, which were obviously done with model cars, but it's some nice driving nonetheless. Another good point about this one is the characters, which for the most part are really fun. It even got a little bit exciting at times as I actually started caring about what happened to these guys. One more thing that has to mentioned is the theme song, which so totally horrible. I was laughing out loud when the song started in the opening credits.
I highly recommend this one if you can handle these kind of rip-off's!

My rating:

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