All Night Long 2 (1995)

Directors: Katsuya Matsumura


"For Shunichi, high school is not about getting his homework done or trying to store up the courage to talk to a girl. Instead, high school is about survival. Bullied into a twisted relationship with a local gang leader, the meek student finds himself exposed to frightening psychological trauma. He witnesses tortures and murders far beyond what his mind can possibly take. When sanity crumbles and violence takes hold, a boy who would not hurt a fly becomes the most heartless killer of all." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
This movie is a rough one. I've never been a big fan of Japanese horror to be honest, but this one did make an impression on me. The reason for that was mainly that the director used some time with the character development. I actually felt for both the main character and the rest of the victims. The gore is really well done and the violence is realistic.
Highly recommended for fans of Japanese Horror, but also worth a look for other horror/gore fans, but you should stay away from this one if you haven't got a strong stomach..

My rating:

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