Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1972)

Directors: Werner Herzog
Starring: Klaus Kinski

Genre: Adventure/Drama


"A Breathtaking Journey Into the Heart Of Darkness

In the mid-16th century, after annihilating the Incan empire, Gonzalo Pizarro (Allejandro Repulles) leads his army of conquistadors over the Andes into the heart of the most savage environment on earth in search of the fabled City of Gold, El Dorado. As the soldiers battle starvation, Indians, the forces of nature, and each other, Don Lope de Aguirre (Klaus Kinski) "The Wrath Of God," is consumed with visions of conquering all of South America and revolts, leading his own army down a treacherous river on a doomed quest into oblivion.

Featuring a seething, controlled performance from Kinski, this masterpiece from director Werner Herzog is an unforgettable portrait of madness and power." - from DVDPacific

My oppinion:
Wow, what a fatastic experience this was! I bought Anchor Bay's Herzog/Kinski box without knowing anything about Herzog's work. Always been a big fan of Kinski though. This one was the first I saw, and it the rest of the set comes even close to the brilliance of Aguirre, it was well worth the money! This movie just grabs you in, and don't let go until the end. The visuals are just stunning, and the score fits perfectly with it to create an unforgettable atmosphere. Don't expect a fast paced action adventure though, as it moves along very slowly, but it couldn't have been any other way. The acting is really good from just about everyone, with Kinski standing out with an incredible performance! His expressions tells a tale of their own! And the actors must have gone through a lot during the shooting, as everything happens on the river or in the jungle.
It's been a while since I've "lived through" a movie like I did this one!
Can't think of a single even slightly negative thing to say.. Sheer perfection!

My rating:

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