Virgin Among the Living Dead, A (1973)
aka Christina, princesse de l'érotisme

Directors: Jess Franco
Starring: Christina von Blanc and Howard Vernon
Genre: Horror


"After losing her mother at an early age and being raised at a boarding school, Christina Reiner is notified of her father's death and summoned to Monserrat Mansion for the reading of his will. Other members of her strange, accursed family are found there awaiting the imminent demise of Cristina's ailing stepmother. When Death finally visits the castle in the person of an elegantly attired Queen of Darkness, Christina is approached by the ghost of her father, who advises her to flee the castle and her cold-skinned, bloodthirsty relatives. But is it already too late? Has she already lost touch with reality? Learn the answers, if you dare, in this legendary cult classic from Jess Franco-uncut in America for the first time! " - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
This was truly a pleasant experience. This could just as well have been a Jean Rollin movie, if you look past the extreme use of zoom, which has become sort of a Franco trademark.. The mood, atmosphere and style of this movie are very similar to Rollin's movies. Apart from the heavy zooming, the only other negative thing I can think of is the dubbing, which was pretty terrible at some points. Now to the good stuff. First of all, the lead actress really is a very nice looking girl, and she and the rest of the cast does a pretty good job. The characters portrayed are also really cool, and there are several great characters that we only get to see for a short while. Particularly fun was Jess Franco himself, which had an unusually big role that is really fun! I especially enjoyed the scene where he was fiddling with a chicken's head. Howard Vernon is also good as always. The score, done by Bruno Nicolai is also good, and helps create that special atmosphere.
Well, bottom line is, this is a great little flick and it shows that a high budget is not needed to make a good and effective horror movie! Sure, Franco has made a lot of crap in his days, but this is proof of the big talent he's got!
Highly recommended!

My rating:

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