A Bullet for Sandoval (1969)

Directors: Lucio Fulci and Julio Buchs
Genre: Spaghetti Western


"A gritty story of seething hatred and thrilling adventure.

John Warner (George Hilton) is a rebel soldier who deserts his outfit on the eve of battle and goes over the border into Mexico to be with his girlfriend when she gives birth to their child. When he arrives Warner finds that his fianc?has died in childbirth and her father lust only to kill him. Raw, savage Western fare in the tradition of A Fistful Of Dollars, co-directed by Lucio Fulci, one of the masters of blood-soaked Italian horror/fantasies and sexy thrillers." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
I always get excited when finding a Lucio Fulci movie I haven't seen before, and this was no different. I'd already seen Fulci's "Four of the Apocalypse" and I liked that one. This one is a bit different then most other spaghetti westerns I've seen. The main plot though has a familiar revenge topic. I thought I had my "hero" figured out in the beginning, but that changed after a while. I didn't really know whom I wanted to "win" during the movie. I have some mixed feelings about this one actually. It has a nice feel to it, but there are many things I didn't like about it as well. The first half is really good, but the second half seems a bit messy. There are several pointless scenes that just seem to be there to make the runtime longer. Actually, the movie could have been finished at the middle during one stupid scene. I ended up feeling a bit disappointed about this one. It's not all bad though, there are some nice moments as well and Ernest Borgnine does a good acting job with his Sandoval character.
If you're a big spaghetti fan, it's worth checking out, otherwise I'd let this one slip by.

My rating:

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