3 Days of a Blind Girl (1992)
aka Retribution Sight Unseen

Directors: Wing-Chiu Chan


"The wife of a heart surgeon, suffering from temporary blindness, is home alone. But a strange man ingratiates himself into her household in order to avenge the seduction and death of his wife, for which the surgeon appears responsible... " - from HK Flix

My oppinion:
As I've said before, Asian Horror is far from being my favourite genre. This was a decent enough movie though. Even though you will get some bits of gore, most of it doesn't come about until around the ending. It's not the sort of movie that makes you jump every 5 minutes, it's thinking about the feeling and agony the blind girl is going through that was the main thing for me. And I must admit, it doesn't sound like fun having a sicko invade your home when you're lacking sight.. It does manage to get that through, and there are some really good scenes. Like the shower scene, which is one of the absolutely best scenes in the movie (I won't spoil the fun by saying any more)! I did think there were a few scenes that were unnecessary and that I didn't really think fit in the movie. The performance of the lead actress is also worth mentioning, she does a really good and believable job.
I've seen Asian horror be way more cruel then this one, but all in all, I thought it was worth seeing and definantly worthy of a DVD-release. I'm sure fans of Asian Cinema will appreciate it.

My rating:

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