Horror "News"

Well, not necessarily news.. The best way to describe it is a place where I put anything that doesn't fit in any other category on the site, that I think deserves to be mentioned..

"Night Of The Living Dead" (1968)

This classic zombie flick, directed by George A. Romero is now avaliable for download completely free and legal at Internet Archive. It can be downloaded in three different formats: MPEG 1 (622,4 MB), MPEG 2 (4,1 GB) and MPEG 4 (248,8 MB). There is no need to register or anything like that.
Other examples of movies avaliable at the Archive: Der Golem, The Terror, Brain That Wouldn't Die, The, The Wasp Women, Das Kabinett des Doktor Caligari, Reefer Madness and many more!

"Exhumed" (2003)

Indie filmmaker, Brian Clement's latest movie "Exhumed" is now avaliable on DVD at frontlinefilms. Clement is a great upcoming horror movie director. Some of you might have seen some of his earlier movies like, "Meat Market", "Meat Market 2" and "Binge & Purge" which are all great micro budget horror movies! If you haven't seen any of them, you really should check them out! Get Exhumed Here