Introduction to horror

Here you'll find info on well known/good horror directors and actors, my tip on movies to see if you want to check if the horror genre is something for you or not. Also I've added a page with good movie quotes.

On each director/actor you'll get some info on the director/actor and his most known movies in addition to my opinion of the director/actor. You'll also get a filmograpy (in most cases only what they've directed/acted in, and not always every movie, but the most known ones at least.) You'll also get to know what movies have been released on DVD, some links to other relevant recourses, pictures + any other information I think is relevant. Enjoy!
I'm not done with the pages for most of the directors/actors, but I'll put out the rest as I finish them.

Jesus Franco Peter Jackson Dario Argento
Lucio Fulci Jean Rollin Mario Bava
George A. Romero Joe D' Amato Wes Craven
Herschell Gordon Lewis John Carpenter Umberto Lenzi
Eric Stanze Brian Clement Lamberto Bava
Tobe Hooper    

Vincent Price Christopher Lee Peter Cushing
Robert Englund Barbara Steele Bruce Campbell
Lina Romay Klaus Kinski

Movie Quotes

Good or bad?
IMDB.com is a great resource for movies (actually, it's the best). The only problem about this place is that horror and other non-mainstream movies almost always get really bad user ratings. My recommendation is to completely ignore the ratings on IMDB for horror movies!! If you want to find out if a horror movie is good or not, check out reviews and ratings on horror dedicated websites (see Links). You can find my personal opinions/ratings on horror movies in the Reviews section of this site. But don't get me wrong, IMDB is great resource also for horror movies, just don't pay too much attention to the ratings, that's all.