Here are some links to DVD-suppliers on the net where you can find Horror movies and other rare/strange movies.

DVD Pacific is the first one I would like to recommend. They've got all sorts of movies and at very low prices. When I'm looking for a DVD, this is always the site I check first! Another great thing about DVD pacific, is they have a "wish list" feature on their website. Shipping costs are really low even to European countries, at least if you're willing to wait a while for the movies to arrive. Also, the service is great, and they're willing to help out to avoid possible problems with customs. I highly recommend this site! My orders have always arrived without problems.

xploitedcinema is another webshop I love! They've got loads of cool movies, and most of them are uncut. The prices are acceptable though not as cheap as DVD Pacific, but they make up for that by offering lots of rare and hard to come by titles that DVD Pacific haven't got. My orders from exploitedcinema have arrived quickly and without problems. Good service and fast replies to e-mails. Only downside I can think of is they haven't got a "DVD wish list" feature or anything similar. Highly recommended!

Absurd is a Danish DVD-supplier that has lots of rare and interesting titles to offer. From what they can offer, they look a lot like exploitedcinema. I've only ordered from this place a couple of times, and that has been a good experience. I got the DVD within a week after my order. Now, the reason I haven't done a lot of shopping at Absurd, is that the Danish kroner (DKK) has been very high in value in comparison to the Norwegian kroner, so then the prices gets a bit stiff I think. Other then that I have no complaints. From my experiences with Absurd, I recommend them as well!

Play.com is another supplier I've used severla times. There are two separate shops if I'm not mistaking one European (play.com) and one American (playusa.com). I've only shopped from the European. Play.com offers all kinds of DVD's and they have a nice selection of horror titles. I haven't been shopping a lot here for the same reason as Absurd, the British pound is to high in value compared to the Norwegian kroner, so the prices are high. What speaks for their advantage, is that they don't charge anything for shipping! So you only pay what the DVD costs and that's really great! The shipping is mostly very fast as well. Also look out for titles on sale.

Amazon can't be overlooked when it comes to buying DVD's. They've got lots of horror movies to offer and often at good prices. Never bought anything there though.

Poker industries seem very nice. They have a large amount of horror movies in their selection in addition to lots of other "rare" movies in different genres. I've never ordered anything from them so far, but I definantly will in time as there are several titles I can't seem to find anywhere else then there. (man I would love to have more money to buy DVD's...) Their prices seem to be a bit high sometimes (compared to DVDpacific), but as mentioned earlier, there are many titles I've only found at pokerindustries, so that makes up for the prices.
As I've never bought anything frog pokerindustries before, I can't give any recommendation, but I must say it looks promising!

Video Universe is another webshop I haven't tried yet. They seem to have a very good selection of horror movies to offer. They also have a "wish list" feature, and that's a big plus in my book. They seem to offer much of the same as DVD Pacific, and the prices are slightly higher, so that's why I haven't ordered anything from them as of now. The website is also good.

DVD Empire I haven't tried either. They also seem to have a nice selection of horror movies avaliable. I will probably not be ordering anything from them though, unless it's the only place I can get a title, as their international shipping rates seem very high! To American costumers, the shipping rates are probably acceptable though.

Bestprices also have a good selection of horror movies, but as they don't accept international orders, they're only for American customers.

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