*NOTE* Links on the movie titles are to my own review/opinion page!

Blue underground are one of my favourite distributors. Almost all their releases are cool movies that I would love to own, and they are almost always uncut (which is a must!) Their Website is cool and easy to navigate through! Some of the great releases they've done is: "Sadomania", "Dead & Buried", "Bad Boy Bubby", "The Crazies" and "Emanuelle In America". They've also done a couple of Collection sets like: "The Mondo Kane Collection" and "The Spaghetti Western Collection"

Troma Entertainment probably needs no introduction. Most of their releases are horror/comedies like: "The Toxic Avenger", "Cannibal! The Musical", "Redneck Zombies" and "Tromeo And Juliet" (and lots more). Their website is interesting, though a bit "messy". Check it out!

Media Blasters' are responsible for all Shriek Show and Tokyo Shock releases. They've released lots of Horror and other non-mainstream DVD's like Shriek show's: "The House of Clocks", "Spasmo" and "Blood Feast 2: All U Can Eat" and Tokyo Shock's: "All Night Long 2" and "Bio Zombie". I really don't like the website though, very slow!

Synapse Films focus on releasing digitally remastered horror and sci-fi films. A few releases they've done are: "Jess Franco's Exorcism", "Brain Damage", "Stacy" and "Organ". Nice website too!

The Criterion Collection mainly release older classic movies. Their releases are usually the best aroud when it comes to quality. Their prices reflects that as well though.. Some examples are: "Man Bites Dog", "Withnail and I", "Lord of the Flies" and "Brazil". Nice website that's easy to navigate in.

Vipco's Horror "remain dedicated to releasing our full range of Horror, Cult Classics and Video Nasties films UNCUT (when we can!!) on DVD and VHS" as they say themselves. Some of the releases they've done are: "Bronx Warriors", "Cannibal Ferox", "Toolbox Murders" and "Shogun Assassin"

Image Entertainment release all kinds of movies and TV-series, also horror. A few examples of what they've released are: "Astro Zombies", "Basket Case", "Gore Gore Girls" and "Zombie Lake" and lots more. I sometimes have problems with this website, but then again, sometimes I don't...

Elite Entertainment is "specializing in the restoration and release of classic horror, sci-fi and cult films" as it says on their website. Some of the stuff they've released are: "I Spit on Your Grave", "Monsturd" and "Night of the Living Dead: Millennium Edition"

Unearthed Films focus on rare underground horror. So far they have done stuff like the "Guinea Pig" series, "Junk" and "Evil Dead Trap 2". Only thing I can say about Unearthed Films, is that I've heard rumours of people never getting what they've ordered from their site, and that they're customer service is pure shit. I've never bought anything from them myself, I just thought I should mention that.

Mondo Macabro's have also released some cool horror movies, like "Aswang" and "Seven women for satan". Their website is ok, but hasn't got too much.

Barrel entertainment have released some sick and twisted movies, like: "Nekromantic", "Necromantic 2" and "Schramm"