About this site

Thank you for taking the time to check out my site! As mentioned on the startpage, this site is dedicated to horror and other non-mainstream movies and genres. The main reason I made this site was that at the time, I had nothing better to do.. Because I watch a lot of movies, I have a tendency to forget what I've seen and what they were all about, and thus I thought it would be a nice idea to have a "list" of what I'd seen, and what I thought of the movie.
Even though I mainly made this site for my self, I would be glad if someone else would find it useful as well!

In the News section, you'll find horror news like upcoming movies, upcoming DVD-releases, and anything else I think is worth mentioning. Not much to find here at the moment though.. Will be more in the future.

The Introduction section is meant to be an introduction to horror, so there you'll find info on important directors and actors and a "movie quotes" page.

In the Reviews section, I've given info and my opinion on movies I've seen and my rating of the movies. In addition, I've added a synopsis of the movie, and a direct link to a supplier that has the movie for sale (if one exists), in addition to some other stuff. There will also be a link to screenshots for the movie if I've got them.

In the Screenshots page, you'll find a list of all the movies I've got screenshots for on the site.

The Link section contains links to different DVD-Suppliers and DVD-Distributors that provides these genre movies. You'll also find links to other good relevant sites out there.


About me

I live in a tiny country far to the north called Norway and I'm 23 years old (I know, it's a bit young to be a horror freak). I've spent a year studying programming in Visual Basic, networking, HTML, Microsoft Office, and several other computer-related subjects. After that I spent a year doing, well, nothing really.. That was when I decided to make this site. Now I'm finished with the first year (of three) studying different computer related subjects at the university. I see this site as a nice way of using some of what I've learned.

My interest in the horror genre started when I got Braindead as a Christmas gift from my sister and her boyfriend. I wasn't exactly old enough to watch that at the time, but I'm glad they didn't care too much about that. That got me interested, so next up was two more Peter Jackson movies, "Bad Taste" and "Meet the Feebles". Then there was no turning back, I was hooked! After that, my interest has grown bigger movie by movie.

As English is not my main language, my English is not perfect, so you'll have to excuse me if there are som spelling errors or bad grammar used within the site!

Well, I can't really come up with anything more to say right now.. I just hope you'll find this site to be helpful and that you'll enjoy your stay here!