Peter Jackson

Born 21 October, 1961
Pukerua Bay, North Island
New Zealand

Nickname: PJ

At the age of 22, he started directing his first full-length movie: "Bad Taste" (1987). He also produced, filmed and acted in it (amongst other small roles, he plays the unforgettable role of "Derek"). This was of course a no/low budget movie with only friends and locals as actors, and it was filmed with a handheld home video camera. Little did he know that "Bad Taste" was going to become a world known cult-classic. A friend of Jackson's that was working in the movie industry, arranged for it to be played at Cannes film festival, and there it won several prizes. Jackson followed up his success with a truly unusual puppet movie called "Meet the Feebles" (1989). This didn't get as much attention as his first Project. Next up was one of the bloodiest movies ever made: "Braindead" aka. "Dead Alive" (1992). With a higher budget, he could have real actors and better special effects then in "Bad Taste". Because of the bloody nature of this film, the censors cut this one to pieces (later became avliable uncut). After this, he went on to make a couple of movies of another nature then his early work, like The Drama Movie "Heavenly Creatures" and comedy "Forgotten Silver". After that he went a bit back to his "roots" with the horror/comedy "The Frighteners", starring Michael J. Fox. Though he was back to making a horror film, this was meant for a bigger audience then his early horror movies, so this was not as violent and gory. Many people were surprised when his next project was clear, "The Lord of the Rings" triology, which needless to say became a big success..

My oppinion
Peter Jackson is another favourite of mine. My introduction to the horror/splatter genre was "Braindead" and my second was "Bad Taste". To this day, both these movies are among my favourite movies. Both these can be called horror/comedies, and very often these movies fail to be funny, but Peter Jackson's movies always makes me laugh. When it comes to SFX, he's also very good. Even the effects in "Bad Taste" is pretty good, and that's impressing considering it's his first real movie. Sadly, he's only created 3 such "crazy" movies in his career, but all of them have managed to be "over the top". Especially his attempt at making a puppet movie is incredible. I do feel a bit sad that he's gone from being a "genre" director to becoming a big Hollywood blockbuster director (The Lord of the rings), but as I'm a big fan of Tolkien's triology, I was very pleased that he got the project. I can't see any director that would have done it better. Jackson has always tried to be supportive of his native country and it's movie industry, and thus he's often (always?) done shoots in New Zealand on his movies. That's never been a bad idea, because the beautiful scenery they've got there, always look good on film. Another thing that's fun is to look for Jackson in his movies, as he usually plays a small part in his movies. I'm really looking forward to seeing what he'll be able to do with his next project: "King Kong" which is due for release sometime in 2005. Sadly, I don't think we'll see him doing any more splatter movies in the spirit of "Bad Taste", "Braindead" and "Meet the Feebles", but hopefully, I'm wrong..



Below is the list of all the movies directed by Peter Jackson.

Nr Year Title

Screenshots Link
1 1976

Valley, The (Short)

2 1987

Bad Taste

3 1989

Meet the feebles
aka Just the Feebles

4 1992

aka Dead Alive

5 1994

Heavenly Creatures
aka Heavenly Creatures: The Uncut Version

6 1995

Forgotten Silver

7 1996

Frighteners, The
aka Frighteners
aka Robert Zemeckis Presents: The Frighteners

8 2001

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The
aka Fellowship of the Ring, The

9 2002

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The
aka Two Towers, The

10 2003

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, The
aka Return of the King, The

11 2005

King Kong (Pre-production)


Doll from Braindead Peter Jackson and Lloyd Kaufman from Troma.
Rat from Braindead

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