Mario Bava

Born 31 July, 1914
San Remo, Liguria

Died: 27 April 1980 in Rome of a heart attack

Mario Bava followed in his fathers (Eugenio Bava) footsteps and worked mostly as a cinematographer until 1960, when he directed "Black Sunday" which is seen upon by many as one of his best movies and became a success both with the critics and audiences. Bava is known for being great with the camera and with lighting and special effects. During his career, he directed within many genres, but he is most known for his horror and Giallo's. In 1964 he did "Blood and Black Lace" which was the movie that "created" the Giallo genre. This movie had a big influence on many works of directors such as Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci. Mario Bava's son, Lamberto Bava acted as his assistant on most of his movies from 1965. Though his work was never really appreciated while he was alive, people are starting to now.

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Below is the list of all movies directed by Mario Bava. Because he didn't direct an enormous amount of movies, I've added his complete list, I've added what type of movie it is if it's not horror/Giallo's.

Nr Year Title

Screenshots Link
1 1946

Orecchio, L' (Documentary)

2 1947

Santa notte (Documentary)

3 1947

Legenda Sinfonica (Documentary/Short)

4 1947

Anfiteatro Flavio (Short)

5 1949

Variazioni sinfoniche (Documentary)

6 1955

Ulysses (Adventure) (Uncredited)
aka Ulisse

7 1957

Lust of the Vampire (Uncredited)
aka Vampiri, I
aka Devil's Commandment, The
aka Evil's Commandment
aka Vampires, The

8 1959

Caltiki the Undying Monster (Uncredited)
aka Caltiki - il mostro immortale
aka Caltiki, the Immortal Monster

9 1959

Giant of Marathon (Adventure) (Uncredited)
aka Battaglia di Maratona, La

10 1960

Black Sunday
aka Maschera del demonio, La
aka Demon's Mask, The
aka Hour When Dracula Comes, The
aka House of Fright
aka Mask of Satan, The
aka Mask of the Demon
aka Revenge of the Vampire

11 1960

Esther and the King (Drama)

12 1961

Last of the Vikings, The (Adventure)
aka Ultimo dei Vikinghi, L'

13 1961

Hercules in the Haunted World
aka Ercole al centro della terra
aka Hercules at the Center of the Earth
aka Hercules in the Center of the Earth
aka Hercules vs. the Vampires
aka Vampires vs. Hercules, The
aka With Hercules to the Center of the Earth

14 1961

Erik the Conqueror (Action)
aka Invasori, Gli
Fury of the Vikings
aka Invaders, The

15 1963

Evil Eye, The
aka Ragazza che sapeva troppo, La
aka Girl Who Knew Too Much, The

16 1963

Black Sabbath
aka Tre volti della paura, I
aka Black Christmas
aka Three Faces of Fear, The
aka Three Faces of Terror, The

17 1963

Whip and the Body, The
aka Frusta e il corpo, La
aka Body and the Whip, The
aka Night Is the Phantom
aka Son of Satan
aka Way and the Body, The
aka What

18 1964

Blood and Black Lace
aka Sei donne per l'assassino
aka Fashion House of Death
aka Six Women for the Murderer

19 1964

Arizona Bill (Western)
aka Strada per Fort Alamo, La
aka Road to Fort Alamo, The

20 1965

Planet of the Vampires
aka Terrore nello spazio
aka Demon Planet
aka Haunted Planet, The
aka Haunted World, The
aka Outlawed Planet, The
aka Planet of Blood
aka Planet of Terror, The
aka Planet of the Damned, The
aka Space Mutants
aka Terror in Space

21 1966

Ringo from Nebraska (Western)
aka Ringo del Nebraska
aka Gunman Called Nebraska
aka Savage Gringo

22 1966

Viking Massacre (Adventure)
aka Coltelli del vendicatore, I
aka Bladestorm
aka Knives of the Avenger

23 1966

Kill, Baby... Kill!
aka Operazione paura
aka Curse of the Dead
aka Curse of the Living Dead
aka Don't Walk in the Park
aka Operation Fear

24 1966

Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs (Comedy/Sci-Fi)
aka Spie vengono dal semifreddo
aka Dr. Goldfoot and the 'S' Bombs
aka Dr. Goldfoot and the Love Bomb
aka Dr. Goldfoot and the Sex Bombs
aka Spies Come from Half-Cold
aka Spy Came from the Semi-Cold, The
aka Two Mafia Guys from the FBI

25 1968

aka Danger: Diabolik

26 1968

Adventures of Ulysses, The (mini-series)
aka Odissea, L'

27 1970

Five Dolls for an August Moon
aka 5 bambole per la luna d'agosto
aka Island of Terror

28 1970

Hatchet for the Honeymoon
aka Rosso segno della follia, Il
aka Axe for the Honeymoon, An
aka Blood Brides
aka Red Mark of Madness, The
aka Red Sign of Madness, The

29 1970

Roy Colt and Winchester Jack (Western)
aka Roy Colt e Winchester Jack

30 1971

Twitch of the Death Nerve
aka Bay of Blood
aka Reazione a catena
aka Before the Fact-Ecology of a Crime
aka Bloodbath
aka Bloodbath Bay of Blood
aka Bloodbath Bay of Death
aka Carnage
aka Chain Reaction
aka Ecology of a Crime, The
aka Last House on the Left Part II
aka New House on the Left

31 1972

Baron Blood
aka Orrori del castello di Norimberga, Gli
aka Blood Baron, The
aka Chamber of Tortures
aka Thirst of Baron Blood, The
aka Torture Chamber of Baron Blood, The

32 1972

Four Times That Night
aka Quante volte... quella notte

33 1973

Lisa and the Devil
aka Casa dell'esorcismo, La
aka Devil and the Dead, The
aka Devil in the House of Exorcism, The
aka House of Exorcism, The

34 1974

Rabid Dogs (Thriller/Drama)
aka Cani arrabbiati
aka Kidnapped
aka Wild Dogs

35 1977

aka Beyond the Door II
aka Shock
aka Suspense

36 1981

Venus of Ille (Drama) (TV)
aka Venere di Ille, La


  "Planet of the Vampires"
"Black Sunday"

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