Jean Rollin

Born 3 November, 1938
Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris

Jean Rollin made his first "well known" movie in 1967. It was in Black&White and is called "The Rape of the Vampire". He was to make lots of movies in this genre throughout his career. His movies usually include female vampires, often lesbian. Typical for his movies is they have a slow pace, often dreamlike atmosphere, and long scenes. In addition to his horror films, Rollin also made some Porn movies during his career but he then worked under different aliases, like "Michel Gentil" and "Robert Xavier". It's said that he did these to make money for the horror movies he wanted to create. He made what is regarded as his best movies during the 70's, and they include: "Lips of Blood" (1975), "The Grapes of Death" (1978) and "Fascination" (1979). His last film (so far) is "Fiancée Of Dracula" (2002)
In the past, finding his movies outside of France, has been very difficult until a UK company called Redemption Films started releasing his movies. Redemption Films also made a deal with Image Entertainment for releasing Rollin movies in the US. Because of this, many of his movies are now avaliable on DVD.

My oppinion
Jean Rollin is my favourite Exploitation/Eurosleaze director alongside Jesus Franco. I like the two in very different ways though. Where Jesus Franco's movies often are pure sleaze (which I find very entertaining as well), there is an "artistic" feel over Rollin's movies. He manages to create a fantastic atmosphere in many of his movies. This often due to the great locations he uses (like old castles, small villages and such). Also, the slow pace helps give the movies the right atmosphere. The visual part seems to be much more important for Rollin then the plot.
Rollin's best movie in my opinion is "The Grapes of Death" which is actually a bit different then most his movies. It's more horror - less sleaze then I'm used too with Rollin's movies, and zombies instead of vampires.
Jean Rollin is a director you should stay clear of if you want your movies to move forward in a quick pace, but if you're the more patient type, he might be up your alley.


Below is the list of some of the movies Jean Rollin directed. He's made quite a few adult movies as well, that I've chosen not included in this list.

Nr Year Title

Screenshots Link
1 1967

Rape of the Vampire, The
aka Viol du vampire, Le
aka Queen of the Vampires
aka Vampire Women

2 1969

Nude Vampire, The
aka Vampire nue, La
aka Naked Vampire, The

3 1970

Shiver of the Vampires, The
aka Frisson des vampires, Le
aka Sex and the Vampire
aka Strange Things Happen at Night
aka Terror of the Vampires, The
aka Thrill of the Vampires
aka Vampire Thrills

4 1971

Requiem for a Vampire
aka Vierges et vampires
aka Caged Vampires
aka Caged Virgins
aka Crazed Vampire, The
aka Crazed Virgins
aka Dungeon of Terror
aka Requiem pour un vampire
aka Sex Vampires
aka Virgins and Vampires
aka Virgins and the Vampires

5 1973

Rose of Iron
aka Rose de fer, La

6 1973

Démoniaques, Les
aka Demoniacs
aka Curse of the Living Dead

7 1974

Bacchanales sexuelles
aka Fly Me the French Way
aka Tout le monde il en a deux

Screenshots IMDB
8 1975

Lips of Blood
aka Lèvres de sang

9 1975 Phantasmes (Adult/Horror)
aka Once Upon a Virgin
aka Phantasme pornographique
aka Seduction of Amy, The




Grapes of Death, The
aka Raisins de la mort, Les
aka Pesticide
aka Raisins of Death, The

Screenshots IMDB
11 1979


Screenshots IMDB
12 1980

Night of the Hunted, The
aka Nuit des traquées, La

13 1981

Zombie Lake
aka Lac des morts vivants, Le
aka Lake of the Living Dead, The
aka Zombies Lake

14 1981

Runaways, The
aka Échapées, Les

15 1982

Living Dead Girl, The
aka Morte vivante, La

16 1984

Sidewalks of Bangkok
aka Trottoirs de Bangkok, Les

17 1988

Emanuelle 6 (uncredited)(Thriller)

18 1989

Lost In New York
aka Perdues dans New York

19 1990

Claw of Horus, The (TV)
aka Griffe d'Horus, La

20 1991

À la poursuite de Barbara (Uncredited)(Adventure)

21 1993

Killing Car
aka Femme dangereuse, La

22 1997

Two Orphan Vampires
aka Deux orphelines vampires, Les

23 2002

Fiancée de Dracula, La
aka Retour de Dracula, Le



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