Eric Stanze

Born 17 November, 1971
St. Louis, Missouri

Eric Stanze is an indie director, which has received much praise among horror enthusiasts. He directed his first movie (inspired by Evil Dead) in 1994 called "Savage Harvest". He then started his own production company called "Wicked Pixel Cinema". His next movie wasn't to come until 1999, which was "Ice From the Sun". Eric Stanze worked closely with Tommy Biondo on all his movies until he died of a head injury 6 August, 1999, only 26 years old. In 2000, a collection of short stories was released called "The Severed Head Network" where Stanze was involved. A compilation of the best shorts has been released on DVD. He's now running a division of Sub Rosa Extreme, where he is the executive producer of several movies, but occasionally he does some directing on the Sub Rosa Extreme projects as well. His (so far) latest project as director was "China White Serpentine" (2003) which he co-directed with Robin Garrels.

My oppinion
As of yet, I've only seen one of Stanze's movies, so I don't really feel entitled to having an opinion on him as a director. What I can say, is that the movie I have seen (Scrapbook) was good, extreme and very disturbing, so I'm going to check out his other movies for sure! It's always nice to see new directors working within the horror genre.



Below is the list of all the movies directed by Eric Stanze.

Nr Year Title

Screenshots Link
1 1994

Savage Harvest

2 1999

Ice From the Sun

3 2000


4 2000

Severed Head Network, The

5 2001

I Spit On Your Corpse, I Piss On Your Grave

6 2002

Severed Head Network Volume 2, The

7 2003

China White Serpentine
aka aka Tales of Bloody Serpents



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